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a.c. bhaktivedanta swami

2 January 2007
2 January, 1972  


My Dear Bali Mardan,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated December 28th, 1971.

I think I have received all of your letters as all of the mail is always forwarded to me. Sometimes there is a delay when the mail is redirected due to the slowness of Indian postal system, so if you are awaiting reply to any of your previous letters, when they reach me I shall reply all the important points.

Yes, I have very much appreciated the new covers to Easy Journey and Topmost Yoga. As much as possible go on reprinting all the books and distributing them profusely. Your idea for issuing a series of Transcendental Teachings is good. We want to flood the market with Krishna consciousness publications.

Here in Bombay I have resumed my translating of Bhagavatam. Every day I am translating and Syamasundara is transcribing them from the dictaphone tapes. But the best place where I can do my translation work is in Los Angeles and New York.

If in both places there is facility that as soon as I translate, the matter can be composed and if ISKCON PRESS can actually run efficiently so that they can print Bhagavatam chapter by chapter as it is composed, then this arrangement will be very favorable. Try and arrange for this. It will be a great credit to you if you can organize everything so nicely that my Bhagavatam can be published very regularly chapter by chapter.

Yes, Pradyumna must work quickly enough so that there is no lag from his side. The best thing is that he trains up someone as an assistant, and then the work will move very smoothly. Syamasundara is taping all my lectures, but I think it will be too costly to send them by post. He will bring them to the U.S. when I return and then they can all be handed over to you for transcribing.

I have been receiving very good and encouraging reports from Upananda Prabhu and Mohanananda Prabhu, so I will certainly visit Australia on my return to U.S. I expect to be leaving for Hong Kong by the beginning of March. In the second half of February all of us in India will go to Mayapur for Lord Caitanya's Appearance Day and we will lay down the Cornerstone. Then I will leave for Hong Kong, Australia, Tokyo, Hawaii, and then Los Angeles.

Now we are sending two devotees, Sudama Vipra Maharaja and his assistant, to Red China and they are leaving within a few days. Also Rsi Kumar will be joining Brahmananda Maharaja and will most likely be deputed to preach in South Africa.

So everywhere there is a great chance to give this Krishna consciousness movement a great push, and if we do everything very carefully there is no reason why we cannot save the world. Now do everything within your ability to develop ISKCON press into a very strong tool for spreading our preaching.

I hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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