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31 December 2007  

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Sunday, 31 December, 1972  


My dear Gurudasa and Yamuna,

Please accept my blessings. Your letters of December 23, 1972, are in hand, along with the very nice photos of the Vrndaban work, as well as the balance sheet and account of materials and supplies. I am very very pleased to see the photos how the construction is progressing very rapidly under your expert supervision.

It appears that at last something is being done solid work. Now you have promised me that it will be completed by Janmastami next, therefore I am completely relying upon you to fulfill your promise to me. Of course you will have to go quickly before the monsoon by June, but I think by that time there will be sufficient roof to keep everything dry from the rains.

If you can construct nice temple in Vrndaban for me in this way, I shall be eternally grateful. Because we are world wide movement of Krsna, and if we do not have any nice place at Vrndaban, then what will be the use? Vrndaban is Krsna's land, and in future so many of our disciples will go there just to see, along with many tourists and other friends, so therefore we must have sufficient place for them. That will be our great contribution.

Now some of our men have met with the Maharaja of Bharatapur here in Bombay, he sent his men to fetch us, and in a bitter mood he requested us immediately to return his idols of silver Radha and Krsna. So let us return them to him, we do not want any ill feeling to be against us.

So you may return those deities to him at earliest opportunity, either at Delhi or at Govardhana. He also has requested his book. I do not know which book that is, but he said that Acyutananda has it and he wants it back without delay, so return him.

Regarding the deity at Vrndavana, Malati has just now returned from Jaipur and she has found out one very nice murti of Radha and Krsna more than five feet tall. I want these deities shall be installed in Vrndaban, so Yamuna may make arrangement to go there and see if they are available, what is the cost, and make all program how they shall be transported to Vrndaban, like that.

I think these will be just suitable for our Vrndaban temple, and they will save us time also. You may order the Balarama deity to be made also by this Murtiwalla. I think Malati has written you one letter in this connection. And if she gets time, then Yamuna may come also for few days to Bombay pandal, being on this side.

I have inspected the trial balance carefully. Of course I do not know what are the prices and so many other things, but I find one discrepancy which you may please make clear to me. The opening bank balance on December 2 is Rs. 7870.50 and for the month of December I find you have deposited twice, on twelfth instant, one sum of Rs. 2630.00 and Rs. 111.00.

So the total come to Rs. 10611.50. So far expenditures are there, there is one check drawn on the 5th instant for Rs. 600, one check drawn on the 12th instant for electrical supplies for Rs. 45, one check drawn on the 14th instant for supplies of Rs. 4665.51, and on the 15th instant one check has been drawn for Rs. 3571.26.

Subtracting the expenditures of Rs. 8881.77 from the total bank balance including deposits, or Rs. 10611.50, it comes to Rs. 1727.73 as final balance in bank. But you have declared that your figure for final balance in bank is Rs. 1643.79. That means, according to the figures you have given me, there is discrepancy of about Rs. 85.94.

Of course there may be some bank charges, like that, I do not know, or you may have omitted some mention of any other check, but you may inform me why our figures have come out differently.

Hoping this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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31 December, 1972  


My dear Revatinandana,

Please accept my blessings. Your letter dated December 25, 1972, is in hand and I so much appreciate your nice report about the affairs as you see them in England and Scotland.

Yes, I have seen myself that you are perfectly well qualified to defeat all challengers so far our philosophy goes. You are good kirtana man, you can sing and play mrdanga like anything, you are also good cook, you are expert philosopher and preacher, you are in the renounced order of life, having given up all thoughts of wife, family and home, you are determined to assist me by training up so many younger devotees in Krsna consciousness, you have got good ideas how to push on our movement also - in so many ways you are among the best qualified and most appreciated of my disciples.

Because you are so much qualified and advanced in Krsna consciousness, therefore Krsna is giving you great strength and pleasure is being derived by you from your working in this way. By this traveling and preaching in the schools, colleges, youth clubs, like that, selling books, this program is very very much appreciated by me, and I think that you are accomplishing more good preaching result than anyone.

Yes, let the good men go with you to preach all over England, and the less advanced devotees may stay at the London temple and become trained up to the point of becoming experts and then they also may go out for preaching in traveling party. And I think if you continue as you are doing in this traveling and preaching program in British Isles that very soon the entire population of that place will become our good devotees of Krsna.

I am very much pleased upon you for your working and helping me in this way. It is the highest achievement of this human form of activity.

Hoping this meets you in good health,

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


n.b. Regarding your question about sufferings of master, you can simply ponder over Lord Christ's crucification.

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31 December, 1972  


My dear Dhananjaya,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 28 December 1972 delivered by Latika from London, and I am very happy to hear of all the good news in English and Scottish temples in general.

I have heard also from Revatinandana Svami how the things are going there, and his report is also very much encouraging to me. I am especially glad to note that everyone is feeling so much enthusiasm to work very hard in this preaching mission. That enthusiasm must be maintained under all circumstance. That is our price forentering into Krsna's kingdom. And maya is always trying to take away our enthusiasm to serve Krsna, because without enthusiasm everything else is finished.

Therefore Rupa Gosvami has introduced this system of regulative principles which I have taught to you also. These regulative principles, such as rising before 4 a.m. for mangala aratrika, chanting 16 rounds minimum on beads daily, reading books, going for the street sankirtana, preaching to anyone and everyone, offering the prasadam, like that, these principles of devotional service are there to safeguard us from maya's attack by keeping us always enthusiastic.

If we strictly observe these principles, we shall remain always enthusiastic. These are the sources and the maintainers of our enthusiasm to serve Krsna. As soon as someone is not following them regularly, it may be certain that his enthusiasm will gradually disappear. Therefore, my request to you is that under any and all circumstances that you yourself shall without fail stick to these principles and make certain that all of the devotees in your charge are also following them strictly.

If new students are coming and they want to live with us in the temple, they must agree before living with us to follow these principles without any exception. Otherwise, it is better for them to live outside and attend the class, aratrika, prasadam, like that, and gradually as they become convinced by their intelligence, they will voluntarily agree to perform the austerity or tapasya of living in the temple. But anyone who lives in the temple must follow all these principles without exception, otherwise they may be asked to live outside.

Of course we work very very hard just to get someone to come to the platform of devotee of Krsna, so we shall not be too much hasty to drive anyone out. Therefore we may forgive once, twice, but more than that we must take other steps. So if any new candidate for devotee comes forward you may test him very thoroughly to understand from him if he is ready to fully accept our strict standard of temple living.

Let him understand that it is not an arbitrary or whimsical decision on our parts to become like military camp, rather we are strictly adhering to our devotional principles only so that we may make advancement in Krsna consciousness and be protected from the attack of maya consciousness. They may be thinking that these people are slaves of their strict principles, but we are thinking that the strict principles are slaves to us.

Of course, the devotee is always very liberal-minded and tolerant towards everyone, seeing everyone as the part and parcel of Krsna and the pure devotee of Krsna, only seeing that due to maya they have temporarily forgotten their real position. So a devotee is always very understanding if there is some discrepancy behavior on the part of nondevotees, and even some devotees misbehave, he is always very tolerant and understanding.

The point is that no one is actually qualified in this material world to approach Krsna, but if he makes the attempt through our inducing him gradually to give his energy to Krsna, by that attempt Krsna will extend his mercy and deliver the fallen soul despite his so many disqualifications. And such person or aspiring devotee, he is to be considered the most exalted of men because he has given his life to Krsna.

bahunam janmanam ante
jnanavan mam prapadyate
vasudevah sarvam iti
sa mahatma sudurlabhah

"After many births and deaths, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders to Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. Such a great soul is very rare." [BG 7.19]

So you are the leader of London temple, one of the most important temples in the world, so your responsibility is very very immense. But it is also Krsna's blessing upon you. So try to please Him always by understanding the instructions of Krsna as He is giving in Bhagavad-gita, and by that understanding you will be able to manage everything without any difficulty at all.

But I think you must be already very much advanced in your understanding of Krsna consciousness, otherwise how so many nice devotees are coming and how there is always such good report from London temple? And I am especially pleased by the newspaper clipping from Edinburgh, they have given very good write-up, just to the points.

So far painting of the deity, it will not be necessary to bring Muralidhara from New York just for that purpose. We should not be so hasty to make such drastic programs. Radha and Krsna are transcendental to such artistic work, they do not depend upon our painting of them for their beauty. But they should be painted as nicely as possible if there is at present some deterioration of the painting. But I think someone is there, either in London or some other place in Europe, who can do the work perfectly well.

Now our first business in London will be to get that new place. I have been informed from Syamasundara that you are expecting to hear about that Priory at any moment, whether they have accepted our bid or not. But this place or that place, we must get sufficient new place in London to give facility to the preaching work there.

I can understand that it is Krsna's desire that we have got that place at Bury Place, it has become world famous due to that location, so try to keep that place also as long as possible. But in order to expand properly all over British Isles we shall require a big big headquarters as you are contemplating. But if there is no solid program for getting the place, simply we are depending upon agents and George to do everything, then we may not be favored by Krsna to get a place very quickly.

Better to take the upper hand and begin very energetically attempting to get some place. By our expending energy for Krsna, that is appreciated, not the actual result of our energy. But if there is lack of energy being devoted for some purpose, then everything will be delayed and possibly stopped. Better to seize the iron while the fire is hot, that my Guru Maharaja used to tell me.

So George is now convinced of our movement, he will pay, so why the delay and difficulty? I think you should very seriously and with a cool head apply yourself to getting that place or some other place as soon as possible, at least by springtime. Otherwise Krsna may take away this golden opportunity, being disappointed by our lack of enthusiasm and labor.

You may inform me from time to time how your search for the new place is progressing more and more. Hoping this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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31 December, 1972  


My dear Bali Mardan,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your both letters dated December 21 and 22, 1972, along with the copy of income statement for six months ending November 30, 1972.

I am most pleased to note from that income statement that since June your monthly income has doubled and that for six months you have collected $245,000. That is very much astonishing to me, and I can understand from seeing these figures just how much suitable you are for heading up the responsible position of senior man in the New York temple affairs. That means you have made the most substantial increase in financial status anywhere in our society.

Krsna has blessed you with the best business sense. Studying the figures I can see that beginning in the month of September, after we had discussed everything at New Vrndaban at end August, the net savings total has almost tripled each month over the previous highest month's total for August of $8,500.

Now December is finished and I think in your country this month is the best month for spending, being the Christmas season, so I shall be anxious to see what was your collection for December and what was your net savings. I note also that your expenses have remained almost constant for so many months, except for the money paid to book fund, which is increasing more and more, so that is the best system: pay to the books fund larger and larger sums, keep other expenses constant as much as possible or reduce.

But one thing is, you were spending $900 monthly for deity expenses, and still you are spending $900, so if total income is increasing more than double, why not increase also expense for the deity? We may spend anything and everything for the deity, as long as there is no scarcity, and by that lavish spending to glorify Radha and Krsna, they will become very much pleased upon you and bless you more and more. So far the Macmillan business, as soon as you have got any information, you may send me.

Yes, if it is enhancing our distribution of books to wear warm clothes like coat-pants in winter, I have no objection, you may wear them. Of course we may take money for Krsna using any method of beg, borrow and steal, but more advanced understanding of Krsna consciousness process is that by telling the truth in a very palatable way, that is the most successful system.

Your mentioning Bangladesh feeding of refugees, of course we are feeding sometimes the local inhabitants, up to 1,000 persons on some occasions, but there is no organized program of feeding the refugees at Mayapur. In fact, so far I have seen, all the refugees from Nadia District have gone back to Bangladesh, there are no more refugee camps. So it will not be the truth to say to people like that, but I have no objection if they give more hearing by such thing.

Let them say, who will check us? We may tell any damn thing to induce people to give us money on Krsna's behalf, that is not the point. The point is that by saying lies, the less advanced neophyte devotees may become entangled or disturbed in their minds by it. Of course by their collecting more money and giving to Krsna, He will relieve them of all anxiety of telling lies. But not everyone is able to catch the big fish without themselves becoming wet.

I am convinced that if you simply glorify Krsna and our books in the best descriptive manner, that anyone and everyone, no matter even atheist or otherwise, they can be convinced to purchase.

Of course that is a great art and not everyone can do it, but gradually by practice of preaching in this way, striving to so much present a wonderful picture of our books to the people, gradually you will master the trick how to do it. Being the senior devotee there, you may give the younger students all good instruction and advice how to do this, but not for any reason shall we decrease the book sales and collection monthly over some small lying about Bangladesh or other things.

Regarding that building in Manhattan, of course we are not very much mad after big buildings, so long there is enough space for our devotees so they may be able to carry on their preaching work, but if you can get such building as you are describing in the midtown area costing between $1-1.6 million, oh, that will be your greatest achievement in Krsna consciousness. Such building being our world headquarters of ISKCON, would facilitate our preaching expansion work all over the world.

So far money is concerned, you are saving roundabout $30,000 per month, so go on saving like this, and even it takes a few more months to raise the down payment for such expensive building, never mind, a few months' delay is not much. But the point is that Krsna is now giving freely so much money, why He can't increase that amount more and more?

I don't think there will be any difficulty to raise the money for down payment, you will be successful under any circumstance, of that I am certain. But I want to keep my bond of $80,000 to be spent for books for India, that is my final decision.

Hoping this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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31 December, 1972  


My dear Sankarasana,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated December 5, 1972, and I have noted the contents carefully.

Regarding your question whether some small lies may be said in order to sell our books, I have already replied to Bai Mardan on that point and a copy of his letter is enclosed herewith. But that kind of lie, as you have given example of the apartment manager, telling him that "Yes, we have gotten permission to distribute here," that kind of lie is not harmful.

The highest development of Krsna consciousness understanding will be when you are able to give anyone the truth but in such a manner that they will respond in a positive way. If people like to contribute by hearing such things, there is no harm, that is just to induce him to purchase.

Some of my godbrothers, I can remember, when we used to go out for begging some contribution from some big man, they used to say that my Guru Maharaja had lived for 12 years in the forest in solitary place, living only on the tulasi leaves. I could scarcely stop from laughing when I heard such story, but it was effective to get the money and give to our Guru Maharaja, and he was pleased by our gift.

So the idea is not what you are saying, so much as how you say it. If you understand this properly, then you may be able to say the truth at all times in the most palatable way, according to the situation and the type of hearer. To perfect this art, that takes practice, so practice preaching from this understanding and gradually you will develop it more and more.

But we should never steal anything like money, food, water, gasoline, just to enhance our service to Krsna. That is too much dangerous, and if we are caught then all of our work is finished. Just like in India recently, this Balyogi Guru Maharajaji was detected by the customs authorities attempting to smuggle some small items into India.

By this one tiny incident his entire effort for preaching, even he his rascal number one and his preaching is nonsense, even so the example is there, his work is now ruined and he is practically finished as the government will not grant him passport to leave India. So we shall always be careful to avoid any kind of jeopardizing our high standing in the society by some foolish and small act of illegal stealing.

So far your difficulty for controlling the sex urge, my advice in that connection is that the more you become Krsna conscious, that sex urge can be checked. That is the only way for checking the sex urge. First thing is, you have made promise when you took initiation that there will be no illicit sex connection. If still you are unable to fulfill that promise to your spiritual master, then what is the use of calling yourself devotee and disciple? That is simply pretending.

So you should think like this, that I have promised my spiritual master this, now I must obey him without any exception, otherwise I have no business calling myself his disciple. That will be your austerity or tapasya for forcing you to make very rapid advancement in Krsna conscious understanding. Without tapasya there is no question of making advancement.

So if still the material nature is so much attractive to you that you are unable to sacrifice things in this way, then better you give up the whole thing and do as you like outside. But if you want to call yourself devotee and serve Krsna in that capacity, then you must avoid these four basic principle restrictions under all circumstances, without any exceptions.

Of course once, twice, Krsna may excuse, that is not very difficult, but more than that it will become very difficult for Krsna to excuse you and there is great risk that everything will be lost despite all of your time and effort spent.

You have got some desire to become a famous preacher and famous Vaisnava singer and also jagad-guru. This is a spiritual desire, so it is not like any material desire and it is all right to desire for Krsna in this way. but great Vaisnava or famous Vaisnava means that you have no sex desire.

Whether you can be like that? First of all you be like that, without any sex desire, then you think famous Vaisnava. Vaisnava means he has no material desire, what to speak of sex desire. All material desires become zero, even he has no desire for jnana, karma, like that.

Hoping this meets you in good health,

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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30 December 2007
Friday, 29 December, 1972  


My Dear Madhudvisa,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your telegram from Melbourne dated December 26, 1972.

I have replied it by my cable as follows: "Immediately send c/o Bombay three tickets, February 1st, Calcutta Australasia, remaining entire February." So you may do the needful and send the three airline tickets for myself, Srutakirti, and Syamasundara. here to my above-mentioned Bombay address, or wire them to the airlines office directly in Bombay city. The airlines office in Bombay may notify Syamasundara at 362963.

My plan is to remain here in Bombay until January 23rd for holding our second Hare Krishna Festival in the Cross Maidan. I think last time you were one of the leaders of that first Hare Krsna Festival, so you know how much important occasion that will be. Already there are many banners all over the city advertising this movement as the world's greatest spiritual culture movement. We had just completed our pandal program at Ahmedabad, and it was also very very successful.

From Bombay we shall fly to Calcutta for about nine days' time and we may give some programs there also. So I want to proceed from Calcutta to Australia or wherever you suggest on that side. We shall be able to leave on February 1st morning. And you may arrange the program in Australia and New Zealand for the duration of February month. Around the 1st March I shall have to return to Mayapur for holding our celebration of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu's appearance day in early March. So you may plan in that way.

I have heard from Siddha Svarupa that Tusta Krsna and his wife Krsna Tulasi are now fine and living in Krsna Consciousness on some farm in Australia. And he has assured me that things are going all right in New Zealand, and I have got one letter from the new president there at Auckland, and it appears that everything will go on nicely. But I think you should go there once and see how the things are going on just to the proper standard.

Tusta Krsna is such intelligent boy and capable worker, and I had thought that without him the whole thing would collapse, but whether that is actually the case? Anyway, you may give me report as you see it. And you may also go to that farm in Australia where Siddha Svarupa is living with the others of his disciples and give me report also how the things are going on there, whether our standard is being maintained, like that.

I know there has been some controversy within the Society about the actual position of our Siddha Svarupa. But I think he is a very nice boy and he has understood our philosophy just to the point, so I have every faith that he will manage all right. Recently, I had sent one letter to reply Tusta Krsna's questions about Siddha Svarupa, namely, that Siddha Svarupa may be pure devotee, but so all of you are also pure devotees.

There is no question that Siddha Svarupa is only pure devotee and no one else is pure devotee. All of my disciples, as soon as they surrender themselves to Krsna, they become pure devotees actually. If you see Tusta there you may see also the copy of my letter to get the right idea. These things must be cleared up or there may be danger of split within our ranks.

Try to keep the whole situation in unified condition, but if Siddha Svarupa and his disciples are living there separately and peacefully, I have no objection, so long there is no controversy or ill feelings between their camp and yours. You may initiate some program to integrate the two camps by sending some of our own strong men there to assist. And if they get that land as gift, it should be in the name of International Society for Krsna Consciousness.

Now I am so much looking forward to seeing all of you, my beloved disciples, there again in near future, so kindly make all arrangements as you know best. I think you wanted me to stop in Djakarta first, so that is all right, but if there is too much strenuous traveling program, that will not be favorable.

Better stop in fewer places and have first class programs there, but I am simply at your mercy and I have only the protection of Krsna in all circumstances; therefore, whatever you make me to do, that I am prepared.

Hoping this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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29 December, 1972  


My dear Pusta Krsna,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated November 27, 1972.

I can very well appreciate your preaching work on European continent, having received very favorable reports from other big leaders there. That is wanted, that all of you will take upon yourselves the responsibility of preaching widely everywhere the message of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

By that responsible commitment to your spiritual master, that is your qualification for getting Krsna's blessing upon you. And only in this way will you be able to make your spiritual progress rapidly. So you are very determined and intelligent boy, you have got a cool head, so I am very much confident that you will be able to render more and more the best service to Krsna and to your spiritual master.

That means that you will simply introduce our Krsna Consciousness program anywhere and everywhere, without any compromise or deviation from the highest standard of devotional practice, as chalked out for us by our great predecessors. If you yourself remain always pure, then your preaching will have effect.

As soon as there is little impurity, the whole thing will deteriorate and go to hell. So we shall not like to take the credit in that case, therefore I am praying simply that all of you, my advanced disciples, GBC men, sannyasis, temple officers, like that, that all of you will become sober-minded and feeling always very much responsible how the things will go on as I have given them.

If you simply do as I am doing, not avoiding anything which may have to be done for pushing on Krsna's movement, remaining always stuck up very tightly to the footsteps of Rupa Gosvami, then without any doubt you will remain always fresh and enthusiastic for working very energetically on Krsna's behalf, without any falldown.

By next spring or summer I shall be coming to London, so I shall be on that side, so if I get opportunity I shall like to see that place, Switzerland, as I have heard that it is the best place in Europe.

Anyway, let us see what Krsna desires. Hoping this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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29 December, 1972  


My dear Deva Mira,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated December 12, 1972 and I have noted the contents with great concern.

Bali Mardan is my trusted senior disciple, do you think I am a fool to choose him for running on my big New York temple. Rather, if anyone criticizes him, they must be the fool. He has done so much wonderful service and I appreciate him so much. No amount of your foolish words will touch my estimation.

I am stopping in New York by next summer. Meanwhile, I shall request you not to make any disturbance and I shall request Bali Mardan to leave you alone. You must abide by the order of Bali Mardan.

You write as Dr. Please let me know what kind of Doctor you are? Have you got any bona fide certificate? Send me the copy of the certificate at once. Please let me know this immediately.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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