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14 March 2007
Tuesday, 14 March 1972  


To Ksirodakasayi:

Proceed Vrindaban immediately. Await instructions.

Bhaktivedanta Swami.

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14 March, 1972  


To: The Manager
The Punjab National Bank. Ltd.

Dear Sir,

The following is a copy of resolution passed by the Governing Body of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness at a meeting of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness held on 14/3/1972, during which the following resolution was passed:

RESOLVED that a Current Account of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness be opened with the Punjab National Bank Ltd., at Vrindaban.

That the said Bank is hereby authorized to honour all checks or other orders drawn and to accept and act upon receipts for moneys deposited with or owing by the Bank on the account or accounts at any time or times kept or to be kept in the name of the said International Society for Krishna Consciousness with the Bank.

And also to honour bills accepted or notes made on behalf of the said International Society for Krishna Consciousness provided such cheques, orders, receipts, bill or notes are signed by KSIRODAKASAYI DAS ADHIKARI, President for the time being and countersigned by GURUDASA ADHIKARI, Secretary, or by KASHI RAM SARAF, Treasurer for the time being.

And to debit such cheques, orders, receipts, bill or notes to the said account or accounts whether the same be for the time being in credit or overdrawn and to accept the endorsement of any two on cheques or other orders, bills or notes payable to the said International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

That the bank be furnished with a list of the names of the members/directors constituting the Governing Body for the time being and a copy of the rules and regulations/Memorandum and Articles of Association of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and be from time to time informed by notice in writing under the hand of the Chairman of any change which may take place therein.

The Bank shall be entitled to act upon any such notice until the receipt of further notice under the hand of the Chairman. That this Resolution be communicated to the Bank, and remain in force until notice in writing is given to the Bank by the Chairman.

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.

Syamasundara das Adhikari.

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12 March 2007
Sunday, 12 March, 1972  


[To Billy Reyburne]

Regarding your question about writing songs about Krishna, this is not very important thing. You can write, but one cannot take it very seriously. If any Vaisnava is writing song about Krishna, that should be from one who himself has realized Krishna, just like our great saints and acaryas like Madhvacarya, Ramanujacarya, Rupa Gosvami, six Gosvamis, Bilvamangala, Bhaktivinode Thakura, like that.

They are self-realized souls, therefore if they write something song about Krishna, that is perfectly from the transcendental platform, without any tinge of mundane influence or nonsense imagination. Unless someone comes in the category of these great leading Vaisnava personalities, his manufacturing some songs will be misleading to himself and to others.

And unless his writing of poems and songs can be accepted as gospel, as Vedas or the Absolute Truth, such writing is diverting the attention from the subject matter only and should not be regarded very seriously. Now you should become serious to pursue this Krishna Consciousness movement with full energy of body, mind and soul.

If you are writing poems and songs, that's alright, you can do it also, but if you can write articles for our Back to Godhead magazine, that is better, that is solid preaching work. No one should write songs of Krishna unless he is self-realized soul, that will spoil the value of the whole thing.

But try to use your writing and singing talent for Krishna's preaching work, by writing articles, singing the kirtana, like that. Than you will be happy, and I think you should without further delay try to become devotees as the others are doing and live with us and practice the regulative principles of brahmacari life.

In this way, become determined to fix your all attention for seeing Krishna face to face by the Krishna Consciousness process and than you shall qualify yourself for writing songs about Krishna and you chant always this Hare Krishna mantra you can come to the highest point of seeing Krishna very soon, you may know it for certain.

[Text missing]

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12 March, 1972  


The Manager
Punjab National Bank
Brabourne Road

Dear sir,

re. My Account no. __ S.F.

Kindly advise your Vrindaban Branch to pay Rs. 200/- (Rupees Two-hundred only) every month until further notice, to Sri Madan Mohan Goswami, Sevait, Sri Sri Radha Damodara Temple, Sevakunj, Vrindaban, District Mathura, U.P., and charge the same to my above account.

Thanking you,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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