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8 February 2007
Tuesday, 8 February, 1972  


My Dear Gargamuni and Subala,

Please accept my blessings. I am just coming from Africa.

I have heard about your Ram Krishna Mission asrama, so you can request them that we are going to make an asrama, and it was meant for an asrama so why not let us use this asrama without any charges. Or, allow us to develop it on some nominal lease contract. For the time being, lease terms or renting is better, and if the place becomes suitable for us, then let them give us the option to buy, then we can consider to buy later.

Regarding this letter from Gauracandra Goswami, the original position is that these two rooms and the entrance veranda were in very dilapidated condition. So with the agreement of the two sevaites, Gauracandra Goswami and N. Banerjee, I took formal possession of these rooms after installing electricity and making considerable repairs, spending more than Rs. 500/- since 1959, and I was paying at the rate of Rs. 5/- per month.

Then I went to U.S.A. in 1965, and from there I advised the bank to pay him at the rate of Rs. 5/- per month; and then when I came back in 1967, I took a receipt from him for the two years of payment or Rs. 120/-, and he gave me receipt signed as "sevaite.'' So I am a regular tenant of these two rooms, and they have taken advance money so many times, and at the present moment they owe me Rs. 725/-.

Now in his letter dated 25-1-72 he denies this and he is asking Rs. 160/- as due to him, and he says ``donation owed'' by me. So he is making some blackmail against me, therefore we have to bring this matter to the rent court or magistrate in Mathura. You must consult whether ___ this matter to the rent court or to the magistrate. One __ the other, we must take the court's decision in this matter otherwise they will go on blackmailing like this.

A full set ___ graphic copies of the Radha-Damodara documents is being ___ by Yadubara, and he will send them to you in one or two ___ you will have to take this matter to the court, by filing ___ there will be three defendants: (1) Gauracandra Goswami, (2) N. Banerjee, and (3) Madhanmohan Goswami. The first two ___ money, and the last one served notice to vacate. We ___ call them to court and the court will decide my position. ___ also sue for damages for occupying my entrance veranda illegally.

My position is strong: He has given me a stamped receipt ___ giving me in exchange for money rooms ``in his use.'' What else is that but rent? Then they gave notice as if I am illegally there. This case has to be presented very nicely: I have got a sentiment, I have got no shortage of places to live--85 branches around the world--but because it is Rupa Goswami's place and I want to do some service, therefore I want to keep these rooms, present it like that. One man says rent, one says donation--it is becoming so complicated ____ it up, and I ____ this case into you __ __.

Today I have __ agreement for a large 20,000 __ in Juhu, a very wealthy and beautiful suburb of Bombay, and I have paid check Rs. 50,000/- as earnest money. I shall have to pay another Rs. 1 1/2 lakhs 30 days after completion of the conveyance deed. That I have got. The total balance due will be 12 lakhs, to be paid in 4 years time, at 3 lakhs per annum.

Your big brother, Brahmananda, has assured me he will come here and take full charge to make this the first ISKCON City, and immediately we shall raise up a grand Temple and form a cooperative housing society of devotees of Krishna, and many respectable men will purchase flats in our skyscraper building.

I want that you will assist your brother in this great project, along with Madhudvisa and others, but we shall plan everything out nicely when we meet in Mayapur later this month, at least by the 22nd. So in that case I think you should work with Ksirodakasayi in this court-case matter, so in your absence he may take charge of it nicely.

So far the iron gates, let us wait until the court decides in my favor before investing so much. Meanwhile, secure the doors with very strong locks.

I hope this will find you both in good health,

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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